Tankless Water Heaters: Pros & Cons

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Are you thinking about making the switch to tankless water heaters in Boise? Although tankless options are celebrated for the efficiency, they’re not always the best choice for homeowners.

The Boise plumbers at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho put together a list of the pros and cons of going tankless to help you make the right decision.

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Pros of Tankless Water Heaters

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If you’re thinking about investing in a tankless water heater, here’s what to know about their benefits.

1) Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are very efficient and only heat water when it’s needed. As a result, you may notice lower energy bills compared to traditional tank heaters, which heat up a large reserve of water at a set temperature. Because of their energy efficiency, they’re usually considered a greener alternative.

2) Continuous Hot Water

They provide a continuous supply of hot water, which is ideal for families or situations where you need a lot of hot water at once, like back-to-back showers or filling a large tub.

3) Longevity

Tankless water heaters typically have a longer lifespan than traditional tank heaters. While tank heaters last about 10-15 years, tankless options can last up to 20 years or more with proper maintenance.

4) Space Savings

Without the need for a large tank, tankless water heaters can save significant space in your home. Instead of a large basement, utility room, or attic, tankless water heaters can be stored in small spaces, such as closets. However, depending on the size of your home, you may need more than one tankless hot water heater in Boise.

5) Reduced Risk of Leaks

Is your hot water heater prone to leaks? Without a tank holding dozens of gallons of water, you dramatically reduce the risk of leaks. However, periodic maintenance can usually help stay on top of leaks in a traditional hot water heater.

Cons of Tankless Water Heaters

Now that you know the pros of tankless water heaters in Boise, here’s what to know about the cons.

1) Higher Initial Cost

The upfront cost of a tankless water heater is usually higher than what you would expect from a traditional tank heater. The costs are greater across the unit itself, plus water heater installation costs. Most homes need an update to their electrical system or gas lines to accommodate tankless water heaters.

2) Retrofitting Challenges

When you install a tankless water heater instead of a traditional tank heater, you may face retrofitting challenges. Many homes require changes to plumbing, electrical and gas systems which adds onto the cost of your investment.

3) Limited Output

It’s true tankless hot water heaters provide continuous hot water, but they also come with a limited flow rate. This may work fine if you’re single or have a small family. But it’s usually not efficient for multiple, simultaneous uses, such as showering while running the dishwasher and doing laundry.

4) Cold Water Sandwich

Tankless water heaters aren’t fail-proof. You could experience a cold water sandwich, a phenomenon that occurs when intermittent use of hot water cause a momentary return to cold water before the heater can catch up. The results are a sandwich effect of hot-cold-hot water.

5) Complex Maintenance

Hot water heater maintenance can be more complex and expensive for tankless options than their traditional counterparts. If you live in an area with hard water, you could end up with sediment and build-up inside the unit which requires attention. Without regular water heater maintenance in Boise, you could end up compromising the lifespan of your unit.

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