7 Tips to Help You Maintain Your Water Heater in Boise

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Trying to lower your energy bills while maximizing your hot water heater in Boise? It’s normal to be hyper-aware of how much water you’re using, both from a financial and environmental perspective. But we often forget about hot water and how it impacts our home, budget, and comfort until it goes out.

Make sure your hot water heater is in top-notch shape to maximize its lifespan and get the most out of your unit. Or give the expert Boise plumbers at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho a call today for hot water heater repair, maintenance, installation, and more.

1) Check and Replace the Anode Rod

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Traditional tank hot water heaters use an anode rod, or a stick-like object that’s made of strong metal and inserted into the water heater. It works to attract the ions responsible for dangerous and expensive rusting. Over time, it’s normal for the anode rod to get worn away. It’s important to regularly check and replacing the anode rod.

2) Flush Your Hot Water Heater Tank

Water heater tanks are naturally susceptible to buildup in the bottom of the tank. The problem only gets worse by hard water plumbing issues. If this buildup is left to its own devices, it will grow into a big problem and interrupt the work of your water heater. Any Boise water heater maintenance should always include a flush of the tank.

3) Set the Temperature Correctly 

Too many homes have their water heaters set to a default temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is unnecessary and increases the likelihood that your family could suffer from water burns. Improve the efficiency of your home and the lifespan of your water heater by setting the temperature to 120 degrees instead. You’ll also see a difference in your utility bills each month.

4) Insulate Your Hot Water Heater 

Insulation can go a long way toward making your water heater more efficient and directly result in cost-savings over the years. There are different products that can insulate your hot water heater. Ask one of our professional plumbers to check your unit’s insulation.

5) Know Your Hot Water Heater’s Expiration Date 

Make sure you know when your water heater is set to “expire.” That date will be important to keep in mind when it’s time for a new water heater. In most cases, hot water heaters last between 10 and 20 years, but also depends on how often you use it, the model, and how well you maintain it over the years.

6) Check for Leaks and Drips

When is the last time you’ve physically inspected your Boise hot water heater? Look for any leaks, drips, or excessive moisture around the unit. You may have a small leak you don’t know about, which can quickly spiral into hot water heater damage or mold in your attic, basement, or utility room.

7) Schedule Professional Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Nothing replaces a thorough inspection of your hot water heater by a professional plumber. Call us today and we’ll get you set up with a Boise water heater maintenance appointment. We’ll take a look at your system, give it a flush, check the anode rod, and use a comprehensive checklist to ensure everything is working as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.

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