Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

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Most people enjoy having trees on their property, especially close to their homes in Meridian and Boise, ID. Trees can provide shade, shelter, habitats for animals, and more. They can even help raise your home’s curb appeal.

However, tree roots can be a problem, especially if you have trees built over or near your sewer line. As your tree grows, the roots spread below the ground as much as the branches spread above it! And they are always looking for water and nutrients, both of which they can find in your sewer!

If you suspect a problem with tree roots reach out to a licensed plumber in Boise ID! Call us at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho today!

A picture of old tree roots. In your sewer line, these can cause a lot of problems!

Think Proactively About Tree Roots

Before you plant a tree, find out where the sewer line runs on your property. Do your best to keep your trees at least ten feet away from the sewer. Trees that will grow very large need to be even further away from the line.

You can also consider the type of tree you want to plant. Just because a tree is cheap does not mean that it belongs in your yard. Fruit trees can be especially bad for sewer lines. Instead, look for dogwood, crabapple, Japanese maple, or crepe myrtle. If these won’t work for your yard, research to find trees with low root volume or non-invasive roots.

Signs You Have Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

Do you already suspect tree roots in your Boise sewer line? Here are some signs that you may need root elimination help:

  • Your drains are slow and sluggish, or your toilets aren’t flushing properly
  • You water bill is going up without any explanation
  • You have lower water pressure than normal
  • You hear gurgling sounds in your pipes
  • Sinkholes have formed in your yard
  • Foul odors come from your drains or you find wet spots in your yard
  • Your trees are going faster than usual, but you aren’t giving them extra water

Get Rid of Tree Roots Today!

Any of these issues mean it’s time to call your Boise or Meridian, ID plumber from Plumbing Solutions of Idaho. We’ll get to you fast, because we take all sewer issues seriously.

We’ll start with a sewer line inspection in Boise, ID. Our team will send a camera on a cable down your sewer line. This allows us to see exactly what is going on there so we know what we can do to help you out.

There are a number of ways we can remove tree roots from your sewer. Hydro jetting, where we spray a concentrated stream of water into your pipes, is one option. We may also be able to use root killers to destroy the roots in the line. We’ll make sure we choose options that won’t be harmful to your pets, then we’ll fix the damaged line once the roots are gone.

When you need Boise, ID sewer repair for invasive tree roots, call on our team from Plumbing Solutions of Idaho. We’ll get to you ASAP and get rid of those tree roots fast!

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