How to Tell If You Need Sewer Repair in Boise

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When your sewer system is acting up, it’s not something you want to put off dealing with. Here at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho, we understand the urgency of sewer issues. Ignoring them can lead to major headaches and costly repairs down the line. That’s why it’s crucial to recognize the signs early on and get in touch with sewer and drain professionals who can tackle the problem quickly and effectively.

Here are a few signs that indicate your sewer might be in trouble and why you should reach out to us for sewer repair in Boise, ID, right away!

1) Drain Issues

If you have a stubborn clog or frequent clogs, this can be a strong indication that there’s something going on further along down your drain line and into your sewer line. While one clogged drain might not set off alarm bells, experiencing problems with several drains throughout your home could indicate a more significant sewer issue. Our experienced team can pinpoint the source of the backup and devise a plan to tackle it ASAP.

2) Unusual Sounds

If you start hearing strange gurgling noises or other unusual sounds coming from your pipes when you’re trying to drain water, it’s time to give us a call. These noises could be a red flag signaling a potential sewer clog, which left unaddressed, can escalate into a messy situation.

3) Foul Odors

Boise backyard with a wet patch of grass, hinting at a possible broken sewer line

A persistent sewer smell around your property or coming from any of the drains in your home can be strong indicators of a break or blockage in your sewer line. If you’ve noticed any bad smells, reach out to us right away!

4) Wet or Lush Patches in Yard

Unexpected damp patches on your lawn, especially those that are foul-smelling, could be due to a leaking sewer line. Similarly, if parts of your lawn are unusually lush or green, this could be due to an underground leak from your sewer line fertilizing the grass. Both of these symptoms are indicators that there’s a break in your sewer line and you should call a professional!

5) Tree Root Intrusion

If your property is surrounded by trees, there’s a chance that tree roots may be infiltrating your sewer lines. Signs of root intrusion include persistent clogs, strange noises, and damp, foul-smelling areas in your yard or home. Our team can address this issue and implement measures to prevent future problems.

6) Backed-Up Wastewater

Wastewater backing up into your home is never a good sign and demands immediate attention. Whether it’s surfacing in your shower, sink, tub, or elsewhere, don’t wait to reach out to us! We’ll prioritize your call and work fast to resolve the issue, restoring your home to its proper functioning.

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Preventing and resolving sewer problems requires expertise and the right tools for the job. That’s where Plumbing Solutions of Idaho comes in. Our comprehensive drain and sewer services in Boise and Meridian include sewer line inspections using advanced camera technology, drain and sewer repairs, and trenchless sewer repair options to minimize disruption to your property.

Once we’ve identified the problem and discussed the best course of action with you, we’ll get to work fast, ensuring minimal inconvenience to your daily routine. Plus, we offer sewer cleaning services to keep everything running smoothly once the repairs are complete.

Don’t let sewer issues disrupt your life any longer. Contact the experts at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho today for reliable, efficient sewer or drain service in Meridian or Boise. Whether you’re dealing with a stubborn clog or need routine maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Schedule your appointment with us online or give us a call—we’re here to help!

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