Preventing Drain Blockage Ensures Relaxation

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Nothing changes a well-earned shower from relaxing to uncomfortable like standing in six inches of water. Your shower should not be a stressful place whether you are taking a quick rinse or enjoying a bath. Drains need care and maintenance like all other parts of a home but are more likely to be overlooked. Until they start to act up, that is. While a professional plumber is the best choice for dealing with problematic drains, there are ways to take care of your bathroom with some at home care. Foresight will allow you to maintain and prevent emergency ​


​There are not too many different products going down a shower drain; rather it is a continuous cycle of the same things. There is a build up of soap scum and other bathroom products. Most will pass right through but over time even the small amounts build up. The most difficult thing to rid the shower drain of is hair. The basic maintenance of the drain stopper is to clean it on a regular basis such as each time you enter and leave the shower. You might also consider a drain screen to keep hair out. Keeping up with this cleaning will help in the long run.

​Professional Drain Cleaning

​If you have tried home remedies and are still suffering from a clogged drain, the best course of action is to call a plumber. General maintenance is a great start, but you can not always prevent clogging. It is time to consider a plumber if your bathtub starts to back up with dirty water and does not drain in the 10-20 minutes after taking a shower. Drain cleaning is a service that many homes need, and a professional plumber will be quick and unobtrusive. The longer you go without drain cleaning, the worse the problem could get. Boise is experiencing a brutal winter, and your shower should be a place to unwind and warm up. We help with drain cleaning in Boise; contact us today!

By Tim Smith

Published: January 08, 2017

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