10 Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

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Is your kitchen sink backed up? Are your toilets flushing unreliably? Or maybe there’s an issue during your morning routine. After all, nothing changes a well-earned shower from relaxing to uncomfortable like standing in six inches of water. Your shower should not be a stressful place whether you are taking a quick rinse or enjoying a bath. Drains need care and maintenance like all other parts of a home but are more likely to be overlooked.

If you’re not sure if you need drain cleaning in Boise or a plumbing repair, we can help with both! Here are the signs you need professional drain cleaning—and when you need a repair.

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1) You See Sediment, Rust, or Dirt in Your Water

When there’s rust or dirt in your drinking water, you need a professional plumber in Boise or Meridian. Our team will take a look and let you know if it’s an issue with sediment building up in your water heater or if you have an issue with your drains. It’s possible you have a clog that is backing up into your plumbing system, which could make your drinking water unsafe and wreak havoc on your laundry and dishes.

2) You’re Dealing with Air Bubbles

Air bubbles bursting into your water line every once in awhile is often due to work on the main water line. But when they happen frequently, there could be a clog growing in your pipes. Grease, oil, food scraps, hair, and soap scum are all common culprits of plumbing clogs. Another issue could be a a water pressure problem, which can quickly turn into an emergency situation. One of our Boise plumbers can get to the root cause of the problem and fix it at its source.

3) You Smell Foul Odors

No one wants to drink or wash with foul, sewer smells. Treat it as an urgent problem that indicates a growing clog or issue deep in your sewer line. As the problem grows bigger, you end up with wastewater backing up into your home. The issue could be complicated or it may be as straightforward as tree roots growing into your pipes, which needs a combination of hydro-jetting and sewer line repair.

4) You Have Slow Drains

Slow drains are often a part of home ownership, but you shouldn’t just put up with it and hope for the best. When water isn’t draining as quickly as usual in your sinks, bathrooms, showers, and laundry room, it’s often the sign of a blockage. A professional drain cleaning or assessment from the team at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho can help get your system back on track.

5) You Have Recurring, Noisy Clogs

Ongoing clogs, especially gurgling ones, are a sign that there’s something going on in your system. If a standard plunger and home remedies like vinegar and baking soda aren’t doing anything, you need a professional. A plumber in Idaho can take a look at your plumbing or schedule a drain cleaning or video inspection to see what’s going on.

6) You’re Experiencing Multiple Clogs

A single clog may be a minor issue, but multiple clogs throughout your home is a strong indication something is amiss with your main sewer line. Professional drain cleaning can help, but there may also be something more complicated going on. Call the team at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho to check over your sewer line, sewer, water pressure, and other areas of your plumbing.

7) You Have Wastewater Backing Up

Wastewater making an appearance around your home should always be treated as a plumbing emergency. If a serious blockage is going on, it could cause a leak or pipe to burst. Even if the problem is just a large clog, you need to resolve it immediately to ensure your home and drinking water stays safe.

8) You’re Constantly Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

Although using Drano or chemical cleaners may seem like a cost-effective idea in the short run, it can damage your pipes over time. The results are costly repairs that could have been avoided. You’re better off scheduling a drain cleaning to take care of the problem without the toxic chemicals and protect the integrity of your pipes.

9) You Suddenly Have Pests

Are you suddenly seeing flies, fruit flies, or bugs around your kitchen or bathroom? When decaying clogs and matter in your pipes hit a critical mass, they can attract pests that are tough to get rid of. Call the team at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho for professional drain cleaning to remove any organic matter quickly and efficiently. When the plumbing problem disappears, so will your pests.

10) Your Plumbing is Old

There’s no way around it. Even the best plumbing systems will eventually face repairs or pipe replacements from time to time. Older plumbing systems also weren’t built to the same standards with the latest technology and durable materials as modern options. If you have an older home or plumbing, give us a call. We’ll assess the issue, go through your options, and offer upfront pricing with clear communication about next steps.

Call Plumbing Solutions of Idaho for Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are often more than a matter of some food scraps that got caught going down the drain. They can also be a sign there’s something more serious going on in your plumbing and needs immediate attention. Whether you’re tired of your sluggish drains or suspect a sewer line problem, we can help.

Call our licensed Boise plumbers and we’ll get right to work. Schedule your appointment today with the team at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho!

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