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As a homeowner, you can avoid costly plumbing emergencies by performing routine inspections on your plumbing system. Keep a sharp eye out for these common problems:


Slow drips are not only a nuisance; they can add up to hundreds of gallons of water during the course of a few months. Replacing worn washers may take care of the problem. If not, it’s possible the valve seat is worn out or corroded, and calling a professional plumber is your best ​

​Water Pressure Problems

​If you notice a sudden drop in water pressure from all of your faucets, it’s possible there’s a break in the main water line. You’ll want to call a professional plumber right away.Pressure problems at specific faucets or in the showerhead are often a result of mineral or sediment build-ups. You can remove the aerator from kitchen and bathroom sinks and check for sediment. To remove mineral deposits, soak aerators and screens overnight in white vinegar. Showerheads are more difficult to remove, but mineral deposits can be dissolved by placing a plastic bag filled with a vinegar solution over the showerhead overnight.If cleaning aerators and shower heads don’t resolve the problem, call a licensed plumber for assistance.

Toilet Runs or Won’t Flush Properly

If you’ve become accustomed to jiggling the handle to make your toilet flush, it might be time for some simple repairs. If you feel pretty confident with DIY projects, you can replace its inner workings yourself with a toilet repair kit. If that doesn’t solve the problem, it’s possible sediment build-up or a slow leak is causing the problem, and a professional plumber can be of assistance.

​Leaking Pipes

​Water puddles or drips under sinks are common problems, often originating at joints. You may be able to tackle the job yourself with supplies available from your local hardware store, but leaks can be messy and turn into bigger jobs than most homeowners anticipated. A permanent repair by a professional plumber the best solution.

​Slow or Clogged Drains

Slow drains and clogs are a fact of life. Sometimes they can be taken care of with plungers or drain cleaners, but these are often just temporary solutions to a bigger problem. For slow drains, you can use a flashlight to look for an obstruction near the opening of the drain. For completely stopped up sinks or tubs, or clogs that keep coming back, it’s best to call a plumber for a permanent solution to the problem.It’s always a good idea to take care of plumbing problems before they have a chance to cause further headaches and damage. Contact us at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho today! We can help!

By Tim Smith

Published: July 09, 2015

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