What Not to Flush

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Just because it goes down, doesn’t mean it won’t cause problems later. Many products marked as disposable and/or flushable don’t dissolve, and some are even a danger to the environment. We all need to take responsibility for what we flush or pour down our drains by becoming educated and thinking twice before we dispose of anything into our water systems.

Don’t Flush!

  • Wipes. We’ve come to think of these as flushable, and the package may even say as much. But these clog pipes in sewer systems as well as home plumbing, requiring costly and time-consuming repairs or sewer back-up’s into our homes and into the environment. Throw wipes away, instead of flushing.
  • Medications. Improperly disposing of medications into drains mean they make their way into our drinking water. Instead, participate in drug take-back programs offered by local or state governments or by pharmacies. Research has now shown that one of the reasons for the increase in dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria is from antibiotics entering our water system through improper disposal. This is clearly an area where we can all do our part to put a halt to this growing worldwide health concern.

​The Rest of the Story

​Here’s a fast and dirty run-down of what-not-to-flush. Ready? Bandages, cat litter, chemicals, cigarettes, cleaners, coffee grounds, condoms, cooking fats, cotton balls, dental floss, diapers, dirt, ear swabs, egg shells, facial tissue, fertilizer, glue, goldfish (!), grease, hairballs (eww), herbicides, hygiene products, lint, medicines, oil (You still with us?), paint, paper towels, pesticides, pet waste, pills, pins, plastic bags, nursing pads, razors, rubber gloves, scrub pads, spoiled food, toys, twist ties, vitamins, wipes, and wrappers.Despite responsible flushing habits, clogs still happen. If one comes your way, contact Plumbing Solutions of Idaho today!

By Tim Smith

Published: April 06, 2015

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