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If you’ve been planning a major remodel of a kitchen or bathroom, chances are good you’ve spent some time dreaming. You’ve poured over design magazines and spent time looking online at spaces you love, bookmarking your favorites. Eventually, dreaming meets reality, and questions about practicality and reality surface.​

A team of experts in varying fields were consulted and asked the question, “Should the dream design come first or should plumbing and electrical realities be considered before all else?” Here’s the low-down from expert interior designers, electricians, plumbers, general contractors and home improvement enthusiasts.

​Dream first?

​There are some definite cons to planning your remodel design before consulting your plumber, and only 29% thought dreaming first was a good idea.These experts thought that conceptualizing your idea first was a good place to start. Some designers felt that starting with a blank slate allowed the freedom to think beyond the constraints of existing plumbing. They recommended showing your design to plumbing and electrical contractors, then making changes based upon their recommendations. Their thought was that letting the old get in the way of the new hindered creativity and that your personal vision of the finished room would serve as a framework as the project unfolded. They did note, however, that homeowners should be prepared to be flexible as reality unfolds, unless, of course, funds are truly unlimited.

​Consult the experts first?

Not surprisingly, the majority of the experts recommended making plumbing decisions first and designing the remodel around the true capabilities of the structure. The prevailing opinion was that not taking plumbing constraints into consideration leads to the real possibility of a complete redesign of the structure. Redesigning, of course, leads to delays and frustration, as well as additional costs.For instance, it’s unlikely that your home’s drains can be moved very far from their existing location. If a homeowner’s conceptual design doesn’t take this into consideration, it’s back to the drawing board, and dreams come crashing down. It’s also true that older homes often have 1/2″ plumbing lines as opposed to today’s standard 3/4″ lines. Taking plumbing lines and water heater size into consideration at the design stage is critical.Experts were careful to note that plumbing and electrical constraints don’t spell the end of a homeowner’s desire for an amazing remodel. The simple truth is that consulting plumbing experts first, then weaving your design around reality, results in a faster and less expensive path to your dream remodel, and that makes everybody happy.If you’re planning a remodel, consulting the experts at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho is a very good first step! Contact us today!

By Tim Smith

Published: May 21, 2015

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