Reduce Your Water Heating Expenses

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Did you know the average American household uses around 64 gallons of water each day? A lot of that water is heated, costing families from $400 to $600 annually.

​Little Ways to Save Big

​As the second largest expense for the average homeowner, and a whopping 14% to 18% of your monthly utility bill, it pays to investigate ways to save on water heating expenses.

  • Cut back on hot water usage. Low-flow shower heads and faucets are relatively inexpensive. At about $10 to $20 each, they’ll give you a great return on investment, with water savings of up to 60%!
  • Replace aging appliances. Older appliances and water heaters are generally less efficient than newer brands. If yours is ready to go (10 years is the average lifespan of a water heater), replace it with an efficient tankless water heater, or consider solar. Energy-efficient water heaters come with attractive federal tax credits for further savings.
  • Turn it down. Most water heater thermostats are set higher than they need to be: 120℉ is optimal. Another way to save is to wash your clothing in cold water. Most of today’s detergents do a great job in lower temperates. Your clothes will last longer and stay brighter, too.

​Maintain Your Water Heater

​A little maintenance will go a long way toward extending the life of your water heater, and will help to cut down on energy loss.

  1. Flush a quart of water from storage-type water heaters about every three months. Every six months, check the thermostat and pressure valve.
  2. Hard water can damage anode rods in storage water heaters. If your water is hard, replacing the rods periodically will improve efficiency.
  3. Contact a solar contractor every 3-5 years to keep solar water heater systems running at peak performance.

Whether you’re ready for a new water heater for your Boise home, or need some help repairing your existing unit, contact us at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho. We’ll be happy to help!

By Tim Smith

Published: October 13, 2015

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