Keep Your Home Energy Efficient with These Water Heater Tips

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It’s officially summer, and Boise is getting warmer by the day. This season has many perks that Idahoans get to enjoy; long days of sunshine, outdoor activities, and cool water in the lakes or reservoirs around our area. In fact, you’re probably thinking a lot about cool water these days and avoiding anything hot.

​Summer Water Heater Tips

But before you jump further into your summer plans, it’s important to take a minute to think about hot water, because your home is still creating some for you every day. With a few tweaks to your water heater, you can save yourself some energy and money this summer. Here’s how.

1. Turn it Down: First, it’s important to make sure that your water heater’s temperature is down to 120 degrees. This is an important energy saver that every home should utilize, and it can even help keep your family safe from water burns. Reducing your water heater’s temperature could save you around $60 a year.

2. Insulate: Do you feel like your water heater is giving off and losing too much heat? We can help you install a water heater jacket or blanket to trap in that heat and save you more money. It’s a great energy-efficient investment, but not a DIY project, so give us a call.

3. Check Your Efficiency: Is your water heater getting up there in years—maybe over ten years old? Are you frustrated with its performance? It could be time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model. An upgrade in your water heater could pay for itself quickly if you’re losing money and energy every month.

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By Tim Smith

Published: June 28, 2016

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