Is Your Plumbing Ready for Winter?

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While there’s never a convenient time for plumbing emergencies, winter time really is the worst. Unfortunately, it’s also when many plumbing issues come to a head. From freezing weather to extra stress over the holidays, your plumbing system is asked to deal with a lot during the colder months. To head some of those issues off at the pass, here are a few things you can do to start thinking ahead and preparing now for winter.

1. Insulate Pipes: When temperatures begin to drop, inside pipes that aren’t insulated can burst, causing damage to your home and its contents. As bad as that can be, it’s even worse if you happen to be gone for the day when those icy waters come flooding out of burst pipes.To keep pipes from freezing, wrap uninsulated pipes in blankets of foam. Most hardware stores carry foam tubes with a pre-cut slit on the side. Cut the tubes to the correct length and slip over the pipe. If no adhesive is included, simply use duct tape to secure.

2. Fix Those Leaks!: When is the best time to repair plumbing leaks?A: Right now!There’s no time like the present to get leaky faucets fixed. Check all faucets and have a look under sinks for puddles or moisture. Call your plumber to get leaks fixed before cold weather sets in.

3. Clean Up That Hot Water Tank: If hard water is an issue in your area, sediment can build up in your hot water tank, causing rust. To keep rust from entering your drinking and washing water, drain your hot water tank. If it’s already rusted or has other damage, get in touch with your plumber for an energy efficient replacement.

4. Disconnect Outdoor Hoses: Leaving a hose connected to an outside faucet is a sure way to cause damage to pipes through freezing. Disconnect and store outdoor hoses until the weather warms up again.​Winter weather will arrive in Boise before you know it. If you need a little help getting prepared, contact us today at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho. We’ll be glad to help!

By Tim Smith

Published: September 09, 2015

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