How to Stay Water-Worry Free

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Emergency water and sewer line breaks are never welcome news. U.S. homeowners experience main water line breaks at the rate of 650 per day, resulting in a loss of over 7 billion gallons of water daily. Many of these breaks are preventable with some education and recognition of warning signs and other hazards.

Know What to Look For

  • Know the age of your pipes. Knowing the approximate age of your water pipes will help you prepare for a potential water line break. The average age of water mains experiencing a break is 47 years. Water line replacement of old and corroded pipes can prevent an unexpected break.
  • Are there mature trees near your water lines? Tree roots naturally seek out water, minerals, and air, making water lines a prime location for roots to grow. Over time, roots can grow into pipes, causing blockages and clogs.
  • What is your soil type? Corrosive soils begin attacking pipes as soon as they’re installed. Clay soils are the most corrosive, and can cause slow damage leading to leaks and contamination.
  • Don’t ignore the warning signs. Slow drains, clogged toilets and stammering faucets can all be signs of leaks or clogs. Calling a professional plumber as soon as these are noticed can prevent costly emergency repairs later.
  • Be aware of sudden changes in temperature. A 10 degree change in temperature increases stress on water lines, and temperatures below 40 degrees cause brittle pipes. Taking steps to protect water lines during cold temperatures can help prevent pipes from freezing and breaking.

​Contact a Professional

​Being aware of what’s going on with your water pipes and your property will help avoid costly emergency repairs. Recognizing warning signs, even if they seem insignificant, will help catch potential problems in the early stages, saving thousands of dollars in the process.If you’re not sure what’s going on in, under, or around your property, contact the professionals at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho today, and gain peace of mind.

By Tim Smith

Published: May 27, 2015

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