Easy Mistakes in Home Plumbing

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You are a homeowner, and you understand the challenges that come along with keeping everything up and running. At the same time, there is some amount of pride that comes with having your home that you have worked to improve; you have put love and sweat into making it yours. Owning your home comes with all kinds of trail and error, and one of those trail and error areas in most homes is plumbing. There are a few super easy mistakes that may even have made by now, and we’d love to help you avoid anymore.

​Common Home Plumbing Mistakes

Some plumbing mistakes are made through well-meaning DIY attempts without the right tools. Some are made through everyday use of your plumbing. Let us delve into those mistakes and hopefully make your life a little bit easier by the end. Here are those common mistakes:

  • Using the wrong tool – we’ve all done it! Needed a certain wrench, screwdriver or hammer and decided that a shoe will work instead. When it comes to plumbing, things can go pretty wrong if you use the incorrect tool.
  • Overdoing it with the garbage disposal – if you have taco night and decide to use twenty-five limes, we assure you, those cannot go in the garbage disposal. Be sure to put only reasonably small refuse into your garbage disposal and to empty it regularly.
  • Flushing garbage – it might seem convenient at the time (or let’s be honest, it might have seemed fun to your two-year-old) but it is never a good idea to flush garbage (or toys) down the toilet.
  • Hanging too much on water fixtures – the most common example is your shower head. It is a great place to hang a shelf with all of your soaps! Just don’t put ten bottles of thick conditioner on there and expect your shower head to hold up.
  • Grease down the drain – it can seem natural to empty a hot pan of grease down the drain, but you are in for a headache afterward. It is best to let it cool and dispose of grease in the trash.

We hope that this blog has helped you avoid some common mistakes, and if you have any other plumbing questions or needs, feel free to contact us!

By Tim Smith

Published: October 13, 2016

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