Do You Know These Home Plumbing Essentials?

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Whether you’ve owned a home for decades or you just purchased your first, it’s important that you understand the care and keeping of your plumbing system. Keeping up with your home plumbing is vital to your home’s maintenance. If you miss some of these essential must-know items, you could end up with damaged flooring, unsafe conditions, or other serious problems. Here’s what every homeowner should know—at minimum—about their home plumbing system.

​You Should Know…

Where your main water shut-off valve is: Do you know how to shut off your home’s water in the case of a leak or when you need to do a small repair? This kind of information is Home Plumbing 101 and should be one of the first things you learn about your home. Find out how to use it and be sure to shut off your water in the case of leaks, repairs, or extreme weather.How to read your home’s water pressure: Your home’s water pressure is another important item to know. As you can imagine, an overly high water pressure could cause damage, while too little will mean major inconvenience. Learn how to access, read, and understand your home’s water pressure indicator.How to access the emergency shut-off for your toilet:Did you know that your toilet has an emergency shut-off valve for overflow and clog issues? Most toilets have one toward the back lower half of your toilet. If you can’t find yours, call a plumber to coach you through how your particular toilet works.​If you need any assistance with your home plumbing system, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re available around the clock for your Boise plumbing needs.

By Tim Smith

Published: August 31, 2016

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