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How to Tell if You Need Professional Sewer Cleaning

It can be challenging to tell if you have a simple clog from hair or grease or a deeper problem you can’t see in your sewer. If you’re not sure what to look for, don’t worry! The expert Boise plumbers from Plumbing Solutions of Idaho have put together a list of signs indicating that the … [Read More]

How to Tell If You Need Sewer Repair in Boise

When your sewer system is acting up, it’s not something you want to put off dealing with. Here at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho, we understand the urgency of sewer issues. Ignoring them can lead to major headaches and costly repairs down the line. That’s why it’s crucial to recognize the signs early on and get … [Read More]

How to Unclog a Clogged Drain

How often do you think about the drains in your house? Usually, drains are happily overlooked, quiet aspects of our bathrooms and kitchens that work without much help from us, and we like it that way. We usually take any drain for granted–until, of course, it stops working. That’s when we’re finally forced to pay … [Read More]

How to Prevent Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a common issue, particularly after big gatherings or during the holiday cooking frenzy. These blockages are more than a mere inconvenience; they can harbor bacteria and undermine both your plumbing’s integrity and your household’s health. Sometimes, a simple plunger or a dose of a commercial drain cleaner might do the trick temporarily, … [Read More]

10 Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Is your kitchen sink backed up? Are your toilets flushing unreliably? Or maybe there’s an issue during your morning routine. After all, nothing changes a well-earned shower from relaxing to uncomfortable like standing in six inches of water. Your shower should not be a stressful place whether you are taking a quick rinse or enjoying … [Read More]

Common Causes of Clogged Drains & How to Fix Them

Are you dealing with a plumbing problem and not sure if you have a clog or something else going on? Clogs have similar symptoms and causes, with red flags to watch out for. Here’s what you should know about common clogs around your home, how they’re caused, and how to fix them. If you have … [Read More]

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