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We here at Plumbing Solutions love hearing from you—we love our customers and are happy to swing by your house and tend to all your plumbing needsBut we’d also like to help you prevent those panicked phone calls to us. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—or so they say—so here are a few ways you can avoid calling us in a tizzy.

​4 DIY Plumbing Mistakes to AvoidTo save a little money—and your sanity—avoid these errors.

To save a little money—and your sanity—avoid these errors.

  1. Mixing metals incorrectly: Too often, we see galvanized steel mixed in with copper, often with only a small seal separating the two. In residential systems, this causes a severe sealant issue and often results in corrosion. Instead, be sure you’re using a dielectric union to connect galvanized steel and copper pipe.
  2. Prevent backflow: Backflow can be a major headache in houses and municipal water systems. Backflow occurs when there is a sudden loss of pressure in your system, such as when there’s a massive leak. To minimize back flow issues for houses connected to municipal water systems, be sure to use a vacuum-breaker fitting on all your outdoor hose bibs.
  3. Be aware of your pipes: Nothing is worse than putting a nail or a screw in the wrong place—especially if it results in pipe puncture. Before any household projects, use a stud sensor to keep things clean.
  4. Avoid over-tightening: DIY plumbers often assume that tighter is better when it comes to fittings, but a properly cut joint will seal without copious amounts of elbow grease. Copper gas fittings, in particular, can be permanently damaged from over-tightening.

If you still have a few burning questions or need assistance with your plumbing projects, give us a call.

By Tim Smith

Published: June 17, 2016

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