Avoid These Common Plumbing Mistakes

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Mistakes are a part of everyday life, and most of them aren’t terribly costly. We wash a new red sweater with a load of whites, turning the hubby’s underwear a girly pink. Or someone puts liquid hand dishwashing soap in the automatic dishwasher, sending a cascade of bubbles out the door and across the kitchen floor. But really big plumbing mistakes? Those fall squarely into the category of “Mistakes Best Avoided in the First Place”.

​Don’t Do These Things

1. Use a drain snake in the toilet. This is a common practice, but drain snakes can cause severe damage to toilet bowls. Stick with a plunger or toilet auger, or better yet, call a professional.2. Flush trash down the toilet. We won’t gross you out by telling you exactly what does go in your toilet, but trust us when we say that other stuff definitely does NOT belong in there. Put cotton balls, wipes, floss, etc., in the trash can instead.3. Leave hair in shower drain traps. Your shower probably has a drain trap for hair and soap scum. Periodic cleaning keeps severe clogs at bay.4. Ignore small leaks. Drip. Drip. Drip. They may not seem like much, but small leaks and drips can mean hidden problems, creating further damage. Call a plumber when leaks are small to avoid expensive repairs later.5. Pour grease down the drain. Even when followed up with hot water, grease eventually solidifies and causes clogs. Throw grease away or save it to feed the birds during winter months.

​Baby That Disposal, Please

Your garbage disposal is designed to handle small scraps of food, one at a time. Many folks make the mistake of stuffing a lot of scraps in there at once, causing clogs and expensive damage to blades. Vegetable peels, rice, and pasta are best avoided all together.​Despite responsible DIY practices, plumbing mistakes happen to the best of us. If yours has gotten the best of you, contact the Boise plumbing professionals at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho. We’ll be happy to bail you out!

By Tim Smith

Published: August 19, 2015

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