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It’s a word we all know, an infamous term, a dangerously addictive habit that somehow feels both satisfying and frustrating: procrastination. No matter how much we like to deny it, everyone of us has procrastinated at one time or another. However, some procrastination is relatively harmless, while other procrastination can actually be dangerous. Take, for example, a student putting off studying for a moderately important test. It’s not a good habit to get into, but the student will probably scrape by–even if he or she has to spend a night or two cramming!

​On the other hand, procrastinating on something big–like fixing the car–can be harmful, both to your health and to your wallet. Plumbing problems are a good example of this: procrastinating, in this case, is a big issue

​Plumbing Procrastination

​The truth about plumbing problems is that some of them may start out small, but they can quickly grow into something expensive, time-consuming, and even dangerous. Of course, at first, it seems easy to put off fixing a small plumbing issue. If cash or time are short, the problem can wait, right? Well, not exactly. Even something as apparently small and everyday as a leaky faucet can quickly turn into a plumbing nightmare. The key is to avoid procrastination; after all, a big plumbing issue isn’t something that a night of cramming or a quick-fix can solve! Remember that even a little maintenance can go a long way, and that keeping a close eye on the everyday functions of your house’s plumbing can save you in the long run.

​Why Procrastinating Hurts

So, what would happen if you did procrastinate on a few common plumbing issues? Let our Boise Plumbers explain!

  • Cost. One of the biggest problems caused by plumbing procrastination is the pain your wallet will have to face. You’ll likely be faced with a fairly large repair bill, depending on how big the problem has grown–and that’s not even taking into account how much you’ll be paying for the wasted water from a leaky faucet or defective pipe. Be kind to your wallet–don’t leave small plumbing problems to be fixed later!
  • Bigger problems. We know that little problems, if left unchecked, are probably going to turn into huge problems. This is especially true in plumbing. Because of the interconnected nature of a house’s plumbing, a small problem in one area could lead to multiple larger issues in countless areas–like a spreading disease. What was once a tiny leak could lead to mold, which, in turn, could lead to a torn-up floor and a huge cleaning and replacing job.
  • Health. It seems strange at first, but leaving a small plumbing issue alone can actually be a huge risk to your health. A leak that leads to mold means that you’ll be at risk of respiratory issues, a pipe problem could mean that you’re exposed to various diseases–and don’t even get started on the risks of leaving a toilet seal leak or a backed-up pipe! Essentially, this is one case where you have to decide between procrastination and your life (or, at least, your good health).

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By Tim Smith

Published: May 05, 2016

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