5 Mistakes You’re Better Off Without

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There are plenty of good reasons to give your plumber a call. Whether you’ve got a leaky pipe or a clogged sewer line, your plumbing problems are his specialty. But did you know your plumber also has another skill? It’s called “Keeping You Out of Trouble.” Taking your plumber’s advice with these 5 tips can help you keep costly mistakes at bay.​

​Try Not To Do These Things…

1. Use Your Garbage Disposal as a Trash Compactor

2. Put Weight on Fixtures: Whether it’s a heavy shampoo rack or using the bathtub faucet as a convenient footrest, this is a recipe for disaster. When fixtures snap off, the resulting cascade of running water can cause a lot of damage, fast.

3. Flush Stuff Down the Toilet: We won’t gross you out by listing what does belong in the toilet, but trust us when we tell you every plumber has a story about something bizarre he had to fish out of a toilet or waste line. Kids are often the culprits. Hint: If you happen to watch Monster’s Inc for your next family movie night, be sure to carefully explain why it’s NOT OKAY to flush toys down the toilet!

4. Dump Paint or Construction Materials Down the Drain: Just because it’s a liquid doesn’t mean it belongs in the drain. Paint and joint compounds can quickly harden in drains, causing blockage that won’t release with a plunger or a drain cleaner. You’ll need to call a professional to take care of this mistake.

5. Crank Too Hard on a Faucet Handle: It’s just a fact of life: You can’t fix a leaky faucet by cranking hard on the handle. What will happen instead is a broken handle—and you’ve still got a leak on your hands.Mistakes happen. When one comes your way and causes problems, give us a call at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho! We can help!

By Tim Smith

Published: September 23, 2015

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