4 Summer Plumbing Tips to Keep the Water Running

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Summer is here and in full swing, and we’re all out enjoying the weather. The first thing most of us associate with summer is that all-important escape from the heat: water. We here at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho know a thing or two about water, and we also know that summertime can bring with it a set of unique plumbing problems. Here are a few of them to be aware of, as well as how to avoid them.

4 Summer Plumbing Tips:

  1. Keep your washing machine and dryer happy: Are you running your washer and dryer every day with bursting loads of swimsuits, towels, and muddy clothes? Be sure your machines are in good operating condition, including no leaks, bulges, or cracks in any washing machine hoses. Regularly remove lint from your dryer, and be sure that your hoses have been replaced within the last three years.
  2. Don’t sweat it: If it’s hot and humid, your ductwork may begin to sweat just like you are, building up condensation that can cause severe backups. Check your installation for water in the drain pan. If there’s water there, call us today: we need to take immediate action to save your ceiling.
  3. Don’t cause a clog after your barbecue: You’re probably preparing delicious food this summer on your patio, but don’t make your sink disposal handle things it’s not meant to. Most disposals aren’t equipped for items like corn husks, banana peels, celery, fats, or cooking oils. Run cold water for a minimum of 15 seconds before and after turning on your disposal.
  4. Schedule your annual maintenance: The best way to keep your plumbing running in excellent condition and avoid problems is to have routine inspections done. If your Boise plumbing hasn’t been inspected in the last year, give us a call today to schedule a maintenance visit.

By Tim Smith

Published: June 17, 2016

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