4 Home Plumbing Myths That Could Cost You Money

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Here at Plumbing Solutions of Idaho, we consistently hear a few plumbing myths that just won’t die. These myths may seem harmless on the surface, but frankly, they could be costing homeowners money—and we’re not happy with that. If you want to learn more about maintaining your system, read the truth about these four home plumbing myths:

  1. My Drain Isn’t Clogged if I Can Still Run Water: It may seem like you have no problem with your drains if you’re still running water. But a slow-moving drain is still a clogged drain. The early warning signs of drain clogging shouldn’t be ignored since they could lead to a much more serious problem down the road. Stop using a drain if you notice slow movement or fragments of waste.
  2. All I Need to Clean My Garbage Disposal is Lemon: ​Sure, lemons smell great, and they make homeowners feel like they’ve done a good deed when it comes to cleaning their garbage disposals. But lemons won’t break down the stubborn buildup that occurs in garbage disposals, and you’re just asking for a clog when you don’t use proper cleaning solutions. Scrub the disposal after disconnecting it from power with a soap-based cleaning solution.
  3. Run Water and Anything Will Go Down the Disposal: This one is a dangerous myth. Many homeowners think that water is the magic ingredient to help chunky or unrealistic items go down the garbage disposal, but the fact of the matter is, there are some things you should just throw away instead of putting down your sink.
  4. Hand Soap Can Clean Plumbing Fixtures: Keep in mind that all of your plumbing fixtures likely require a different kind of cleaning; some solutions could hurt brass plumbing fixtures, for instance, while others won’t do the trick on toilet bowls. Do your research before spraying or sudsing up your fixtures.

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By Tim Smith

Published: August 12, 2016

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