The “Need to Know” on Water Heater Repairs

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Hot water is always wonderful and a necessity, but there is no more urgent time for hot water than the cold months coming up. Few people love cold showers, even in the summertime, but no one relishes a constant stream of cold water when it is 30 degrees out. So are you having trouble with your water heater? We’d like to offer you the rundown on what you need to know about repairs. The first thing to remember is that although it can be stressful to have problems with your water heater, it is something you often use, so it is bound to break down eventually.

​Fix or Replace?

The first question to ask when deciding whether to fix or replace your water heater is, is fixing it even an option? A typical unfixable situation is if the tank itself is leaking or compromised. This means that there is corrosion on the inside which cannot be repaired. The best way to avoid this is to regularly have your tank flushed to remove sediment and other corrosive materials.The second question to ask is, is the water heater worth fixing? What is the best investment here? You can do this by figuring out the overall lifespan of the water heater you would replace it with, and getting an idea of how long your current water heater would last if repaired. Compare the years vs. the price of repair or replacement, and you’ll have an idea of what is worth your time and money.

​Don’t Forget the Pipes

While your water heater may be leaking, don’t forget the surrounding pipes that connect directly to the tank. Make sure that those aren’t the cause of the leak.If you are having trouble with your water heater, we are here to help. We can walk you through deciding if you want to do a repair or replacement and help you get the job done when the decision is made. Feel free to contact us for help!

By Tim Smith

Published: October 31, 2016

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