Tankless Water Heaters: Their Pros & Cons

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You have a house to run and take care of, and that involves decisions. From the type of faucet you use in your kitchen sink to your choice of a water heater, you have personalized everything to your heart’s desire. But on the subject of water heaters, should you choose tankless? What are the benefits of tankless water heaters, and what are the other options? We would like to go over your options to make sure that you are happy with whatever decision you ultimately make.

​What are Tankless Water Heaters?

The easiest way to describe a tankless water heater is to contrast it with your traditional 50-gallon water heater. The idea behind the large gallon water heater is that there is a consistent amount of water staying hot and ready for when you run the faucet or take a shower. Theoretically, it won’t be exhausted of its resources before it can heat more water as you use it. (Of course, if you grew up in a house with a lot of hot water usage and a small water heater, you know that they don’t always keep up).That is why a tankless water heater is so brilliant. It heats water very quickly and on demand so that you are less likely to simply be out of hot water (heaven forbid). No one likes to be the ones who has to take the cold shower.

​The Main Benefits

Although the initial investment given to acquire a tankless water heater can be a turn off for some, those who are looking ahead will see the value. Tankless water heaters are incredibly efficient, saving your energy bill over time.

By Tim Smith

Published: November 29, 2016

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