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Circulating Systems

Circulating Hot Water Systems in Boise

Effective Systems for Continuous Hot Water

In a circulating hot water system, water is heated at a central source and then circulated with the help of pipes to radiators, unit heaters, and convectors.

Generally, there are two types of hot water circulating systems:

  • Gravity Systems: In this type of hot water circulating system, the circulation depends on the weight difference between the hot water columns leading to the radiator, and the relatively cooler and heavier water column, returning from the radiator.
  • Forced Circulation Systems: In this type of circulation, water is circulated through pipes with the help of a power-driven pump. Hot water recirculating systems provide instant access to hot water to every shower and faucet. You can easily connect this system with the existing plumbing of your house.

Benefits of a recirculating hot water system:

  • Instant hot water supply to every shower and faucet of house
  • Cut out your water bill by 10%, and save up to 15000 gallons of water every year
  • Easy for a Licensed Plumber to install and maintain

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How Hot Water Recirculation Systems Work

This system works on simple rules and is easy to understand:

  • A pump, which has a built-in timer, is installed on the line of hot water from the water heater.
  • A sensory valve is included in the system, which opens and pushes water towards the heater when the hot water gets cool. As soon as the temperature of the water in the hot water line reaches 98 degrees, the valve closes automatically.
  • If your house has multiple hot water loops, you may need to buy a separate sensor valve kit for each loop.

​Common Hot Water Circulation Pump Problems

With many benefits, hot water circulation systems may cause some problems for you. Some of these problems are:

Energy Waste

The main purpose of these hot water circulation systems is to provide hot water continuously. The pump continually heats and circulates water throughout the lines, and therefore, it uses a lot of electricity. If your water heater is far away from your bathrooms and kitchen, it will take a longer time to reach hot water there. So, you must work out if this system cost-effective for you or not.

You can use some different ways to overcome the wasted electricity problem:

  • All water pipes should be well insulated. It can help to prevent as much heat loss as possible.
  • Make sure that the heat water pump is turned off at night. It can help you save a lot of electricity.
  • Consult with a professional plumber on the best installation methods.

Pump Corrosion

Hot water circulation systems are vulnerable to flow accelerated corrosion. This corrosion problem could be a costly one. Excessive water flow velocity and aggressive water chemistry can cause erosion in pipes. Mostly, elbows, bends, and tees are the sensitive parts of the system, as they get too thin, and finally ruptures.

Noise Problem in the System

After a power outage, air sometimes enters the system and a noise problem occurs. To solve this problem, you have to allow air to escape from the system. Open each air escape valve one by one until the water comes out.

If you can repair the problems or compensate for them. Hot water circulation systems in Boise are very useful and convenient. Before installing any such system, do some thorough research and consult with a local plumbing expert.

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