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Common Clogs and Drain Clearing

​We’ve all been there, you’re brushing your teeth and the drain just can’t keep up with the faucet. This can be a sign of clogged drain lines in your homes plumbing.As with most plumbing issues, repairing or clearing the lines before the problem gets worse is very important. If the problem continues it lead to significant plumbing damages and additional costs. Clogged pipes can happen throughout the home and vary in severity. We recommend contacting a local plumber to give you an accurate idea of the plumbing problem.​While there are the drain clearing formulas you can buy, we highly advise against these. They are great at breaking up clogs, but can also cause damage to your drain pipes. A Local Plumber can scope the pipe with a camera giving you a clear picture of the problem.

Below are a few of the Common Plumbing Clogs

Bathtub / Shower Clogs

while the bathtub or shower usually has a big enough drain to accommodate the water flow. Once in awhile it gets clogged or backed up with hair, built up soaps or kids toys.​We recommend having a Professional Plumber near you look. It can likely be cleaned out with a snake or plumber’s auger if needed. Using the proper technique and equipment can save you from very expensive mistakes.

Clogged Sinks

Our sinks have a trap right under the counter it’s generally a U, P or S shaped pipe which creates an area that stops both big clogs from going down the pipe and gases from coming up through the sink.​This can be the area of the clog or deeper in the drain line where a build up or larger item might have made it through the trap. You can remove the trap yourself with the right tools, be prepared for a little water to come out. If you don’t have the right tools it just might be best to call a Pro.

Kitchen Sink

We typically see a dual Kitchen Sink with one side having a garbage disposal. These sink basins are connected under the counter then flow through a trap. The dishwasher is also connected, usually above the garbage disposal.​So, there is a lot going on in your Kitchen Plumbing and each part can affect the other. A clogged garbage disposal can back up the dishwasher and the sink. While garbage disposals often just need reset or a manual adjustment. A working garbage disposal in this type of setup is essential.

Clogged Toilets

We love modern times and running water the convenience of a flushing toilet. But what do you do when that toilet just won’t flush? The old standby, the plunger, is a great first step.​If the clogged toilet still doesn’t free up or if the toilet is always getting clogged. This could be a sign of a more sever problem and a great reason to have a licensed plumber take a look.

Clogged Main Sewer Line

Your main sewer line feeds into either your septic system or the city sewage. While these are not the most common type of clogged drain lines, they do happen. Common reasons they happen are tree roots or a heavy vehicle driving over the landscape and large build ups of non-flush able items.A video scope of the issue is the best way to identify the cause and develop a plumbing solution. You may need to repair the sewer line or replace it all together. While a snake or plumbing auger can clear blockages from within. Repairing or replacing the pipes may involve Hydro Excavation and other more advanced techniques.

By Tim Smith

Published: January 22, 2018

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